This is not your ordinary probiotic.

Compared to other probiotics, PrescriptBiotics™:

  • IS NOT measured by CFUs (Colony Forming Units), frequently misrepresented on probiotic packaging and proven to have little value in determining a probiotic’s potency or efficacy. [1]
  • IS NOT made from bacteria extracted and isolated from their natural environment, as found in other probiotic caps on the market.
  • IS NOT cultured individually, often in a non-native, foreign environment before being blended into a packaged probiotic.
  • IS NOT poorly received and metabolized by the body because of its commercial processing and manufacturing methods.

PrescriptBiotics™ is unique because it:

  • IS a Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™, literally translated as life-giving and the same as the naturally friendly bacteria already found in the human gut. [2]
  • IS soil-born, friendly, and naturally occurring.
  • IS cultured together with a natural prebiotic made up of ancestral, native plant matter, plus other beneficial lactobacillus bacterial strains.
  • IS entirely GMO, toxin, and chemical-free.
  • IS a direct match to the diverse bacteria found in nature, in primitive human guts, and in your gut’s hardwired biological memory. [3]

The Probiotic Problem

Strain Homogeneity

  • Typically feature 1-2 strains of beneficial bacteria, while as many as 1,000 different species of microbes inhabit the human gut.

The SBO Solution

Infinite Bacterial Diversity

  • Contains SBO spore probiotics (soil-born organisms; specialized spore bacteria found in soil) that remain intact, dormant, and alive as they travel to and take up residence in your gut. Once there and activated to become living organisms with juice or water after taking an SBO capsule, the bacteria’s potential to grow and multiply is infinite. The more diverse the bacteria in your gut, the better. [4]


  • Only utilizes non-spore-forming lactic-acid based bacteria, which are destroyed by the heat and pressure of manufacturing, light, and changes in temperature.
  • Left unrefrigerated, may not contain an adequate number of live organisms by the time of ingestion.

Unparalleled Shelf Stability

  • Custom cultured with native ancestral plant matter that functions as a natural prebiotic — essentially feeding the friendly spore-forming bacillus soil-born organisms (SBOs) in the capsule before ingestion — so they remain stable, beneficial, and ready for use by your body.
  • Contains SBO power with more than 37 years of research to back it which can’t be measured by CFUs, first introduced by the WHO and FDA in 2002 and later found to be grossly misreported and overestimated by many probiotic manufacturers. [1]

Low Viability

  • Contain fragile bacteria that are destroyed by the acidic environment of the stomach.

High Viability

  • Are hardy and capable of surviving the harsh environment of the G.I. tract, grouping together, and “coming to life” to rapidly multiply in the gut, just as SBOs do in nature.

Lack of Prebiotics

  • Do not contain prebiotics, which act as a food source for beneficial bacteria, so they have nothing to accelerate their growth.

Powerful Prebiotic Support

  • Cultured and fed in the capsule in the dormant state with a natural prebiotic (ancient, native plant matter) and other beneficial strains of non-spore-forming lactobacillus bacteria, keeping the SBO spore-forming bacillus bacteria nourished while in transit so they remain active and easily metabolized by your body.

Weak Scientific Validation

  • Lacking product-specific clinical studies validating effectiveness for most probiotic supplements on the market.

Decades of Sound Science

  • Supported by more than 37 years of research and used to protect humans and pets since being introduced as a unique SBO probiotic in 1995, ever maintaining the commitment to provide the most effective, the most naturally beneficial, and the safest probiotic to the public. [4]
  • Backed by over 700 pages of studies, research, and clinical trials with 22 implicit and explicit claims to support PrescriptBiotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics’ daily use.

Why are PrescriptBiotics™ SBOs so powerful? 

22 (or more) clinically-proven benefits: [3, 4]
  • Break down dangerous waste in the colon.
  • Flush toxic heavy metals.
  • Improve and regulate elimination.
  • Increase intestinal nutrient absorption.
  • Minimize gas and bloating.
  • Overpower dangerous bacteria and fungi in the gut.
  • Provide a safe source of friendly probiotics for children and infants.
  • Secrete nourishing and protective compounds required by the body.
  • Stop free-radical-generating enzyme production.
  • Strengthen immunity.
  • And much more!

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